By drawing all over your neighborhood.

So I live next to an abandon mall. It is actually about to become the new police station I guess…. Anyway some crew came and got nasty on the walls.  Some of the stuff is just beyond insane, best part of this isn’t a legal wall. This is where it belongs, not on canvas or in pizza shops. It belongs in the streets. Anyway I wanted to show off how pretty these homeboys and homegirls made my neighbor hood.

  2011-08-09 17.43.132011-08-09 17.38.512011-08-09 17.38.572011-08-09 17.39.482011-08-09 17.40.202011-08-09 17.40.42
2011-08-09 17.40.562011-08-09 17.41.302011-08-09 17.41.392011-08-09 17.41.452011-08-09 17.41.552011-08-09 17.42.09
2011-08-09 17.42.202011-08-09 17.42.252011-08-09 17.42.322011-08-09 17.42.392011-08-09 17.42.47

Scribblin’, a set on Flickr.

And of coarse.