I am actually not trying to look sad, i’m scowling down roxy for not getting in the picture. Promise.
Sorry I haven’t been posting all that much I’ve been busy busy busy. I have been acting like Ben Walter and sewing things on to all of my clothes. I also have been sending out things to awesome people all over the country and that is the best feeling ever.  I made a set to show how I have spent the past couple days of my life, enjoy! And another page of my zine which is almost done!
2011-08-25 17.50.022011-08-24 19.13.312011-08-21 01.09.532011-08-21 01.09.182011-08-18 16.26.052011-08-16 22.12.30
2011-08-25 23.46.432011-08-25 23.45.032011-08-25 23.46.102011-08-25 23.45.372011-08-25 23.41.582011-08-25 23.40.21
2011-08-25 23.37.142011-08-25 18.13.39

My life. , a set on Flickr.

In this picture Chris is ripping the pick up out of his guitar.