As most of you know I have been working on a zine all summer. Not that it took all summer to work on it but I made it in real-time, took a picture glued it down, y’all understand. This zine is unlike anything I’ve ever done. The best way to describe it is a D.I.Y coffee table book. A punk house art book. I hope that makes some sense. It wasn’t that hard to make, it’s not that original, and it’s not even that cool, it just makes me ( and like to think others) happy. If something can do that what else matters. Anyway what I decided to do was take the amazing experiences I had this summer and do my best to show you it in my eyes. I took a collection of pictures of my friends and I having the time of our lives. It’s a mix of the stuff you love so much because you can rarely do and the things you do so much you love it. I also took quotes from movies, songs, and people who just are really rad. Whether they make me break down crying or laughing they are pretty special. This zine is something that is really special for me for a couple of reasons. One because this summer was really good one, I think I made a lot of changes I had been trying to make for the past couple years. It reminds me that for the first time in a while my life is something a bit more special than the average one. It also is, as the tittle says, A fanzine about friendship. It is a way to show my friends I’m a big fan. It is a way for me to pay tribute to the music, places, and people who are special to me. I really hope you will buy or trade for one, this is one of those things I want everyone to have because I  think it can really put a smile on people’s faces. Sorry I have to charge for it, I promise it is only for more zines and for them to go farther away.

Also if you order one I will give you plenty of extras rad stuff, old zines, personalized mixtapes, and lots of love.

– xvxo


4 Bux @ or 4 bux and a hug in person.


UPDATED! Every zine comes with a free copier patch!!!! Stolen Copies save lives!