For every time I hear them say “get the fuck out of the way” I will defend my right of way. That heap of steel I’m gonna slay.

In case you didn’t know IUPUI is the least bike friendly place on the planet. Well it isn’t that bad but people are assholes and I have been getting kind of crazy lately. I’m not gonna sit through a two-hour math lecture then just come out on the street and wait for you to go by so I can get over. I am not gonna put up with honking either, seriously people the next person to honk at me is going to get a lot more than a piece of my mind.  This back patch is a little extreme but you gotta be a little extreme to get from A to B. This is printed on a pretty inconsistent fabric so some of em aren’t gonna look perfect, however all of them will look punk. This is about 13″ x 10″ linocut patch, thin fabric, vegan oil based ink. Swoop one at my little punk store. Oh yeah, lyrics by Punch inspiration by fucking R.A.M.B.O.