Apparently not… Well I made these patches that say “Life’s too short for shit bikes” but I still working out the kinks of printing such a complex section. Oh well, who cares? Nothing matters. Anyway here is a picture of the best one yet, once I get one i’m stoked on i’ll start selling these on a big cartel I am making soon and post a full description. I am making one more patch // print for all you D,OH lovers too!



Listen to The Dream is Dead more.


This heat wave Indiana is surfing on right now is really bringing me closer to my ball mason jar. I love it, it reminds me of simpler times. Not necessarily past ones, just simple things. I mean it’s just an old glass jar, not a bpa free bullshit plastic bottle or a 9 time recycled aluminum target bottle. It is a glass jar that I found in my garage or an antique store. I will probably drop it and watch it shatter, I will be bummed but I will move on. It’s just a nice thought to have I guess. Anyway I decided to make a “ball” lino cut, it’s simple and fun. Why not love it?

If you didn’t already know I kinda love Indiana, I also kinda made a linocut. This print depicts three awesome things Indiana has to offer; Trees, Vegetables, and SOY! I’m sorta stoked with how it turned out and I am excited to get the practice printing. A lot of people have asked me for a print of this, if you are one of these people I just made an Etsy so you are in luck. I’m selling these for 3 bux OBO and if I can’t give it you in person you MUST send me a letter or something before I ship it. I don’t like making money off of anything, I do however love making friends.

On to the art.

The process.

This is the first print I ever made, the only one of these in black. I gave it to izzy because she was the first person to ask for it and I was seeing her that night. I forgot to tell her how cool it was. Not only was it my first successful print and only one in black but I printed it with quarry water still hiding on my feet. That’s more Indiana then a fucking basketball game played in indycars. I hope she doesn’t make a paper airplane out of it or something.

And of coarse then in green.

So if you didn’t notice I forgot to reverse the art…. so here is the updated version. I also am going to leave the soybean plans and sycamore branch raised.  Also check out my beautiful studio.


In progress… is this lino block carving! I just finished the art tonight and i’m so fucking stoked on it. Tomorrow i’m gonna go to the woods and start carving away. It will have a lot more “chatter” once carved but you get the idea from this. I just hope I will still be stoked on it once I put a dent in it! I’m gonna get back to listening to bluegrass and drinking water out of a ball mason jar.


Also if anyone has some old Indiana maps or knows of a way to get them very cheap please tell!

Speaking of Indiana will just wrote a song that is littered with Indiana radness.

(Quarry’s, Breaking Away, Not New York)

Last night was Bridget’s birthday so I decided to whip up some small pieces for her. Bridget  is a very independent and strong woman so I decided to do two paintings depicting that. These are saying  that you don’t need a man or a fairy-tale to get by, you need you.

This goes out to everyone who doesn’t need someone else in their life and lives free of gods and superstitions.

I’ve been super busy the past couple hours making art stuff, so that’s rad. On the down side I still feel like shit and can’t post some of the stuff yet. Oh well. I have for you now is a picture that I just made out of random. It is saying to reject the belief that the world revolves around humans. You get it.

Next I want to give a shout out to my good friend Nathalie, she is in a sweet band called Rat Storm. She used my “god’s country” picture for a flyer and I think it is awesome! she also has the poster I did for  Indy Vegan’s Do Something Zine 1 on her door at work!

Up the rodent crust!